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Indian Defence NewsIn 1971 military dictator General Yahiya Khan was the President of Pakistan. He had bought out from Ayub Khan who were required to step down. But Yahiya Khan was beset with difficulties. East Pakistan the eastern portion of Pakistan had elected Sheikh Mujibar Rehman with his fantastic Awami party to 99% with the seats with the result that the Awami league had become the single largest party in Pakistan and would have been to be called to create the us government at Rawalpindi.

Why would a junior officer, a good general disagree publicly regarding his chief? This depicts the miscroscopic discipline, deficiency of harmony and old habit of creating scene to achieve outright bad fame by the Indian army. The staunch and solid reaction through the Pakistani officials, some serious hammering statements through the Prime Minister yousaf raza gilani, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Chief of army staff, Ishfaq pervaiz kiani forced the Indian think tank to revise this plan of literary battle. On overall scoring points, Pakistan did win the moral support of the international community owing to the irresponsible statement by Deepak Kapoor now even general from Indian army are supporting the certainty and backing Pakistan’s standpoint indirectly. When war is justified, India will quickly realize Pakistan’s standpoint clearer.

Unfortunately the PAF has somehow not lived as much as its first went into action inside the 1965 war with India. But the PAF put up a dismal show as well as the F86 directed at it by the USA are not in any way a success contrary to the IAF Gnats and Hunters.Their bombing seemed to be poor as is evidenced by their attack around the Indian air base at Ambala where they wound up hitting a church somewhat distance in the airbase. The PAF also failed miserably in giving tactical air support if the Pak Army made its thrust within the Chamb Jaurian sector plus the Armored assault at result was that the offensive at Chamb was blunted and Khemkaran became the graveyard in the much vaunted Patton tanks loaned by the USA.

Pakistan for the time being encouraged tribal warriors in the North West to fight Kashmir. The raiders soon began a loan into the province.Gilgit was taken over and also the Maharajas troops were all annihilated. Still Nehru didn’t wake and waited around the advice of Mountbatten, for the instrument of accession duly signed through the Kashmir ruler. This was not forth coming and also the tribal troops aided by regular Paki troops continued their advance into the valley. Every day a hamlet or township would fall on the invaders and soon the complete NE Kashmir was lost. It cannot be understood what kept Nehru from ordering the Indian Army into Kashmir as of this critical juncture, in the event the raiders were advancing to the valley.

Joint Exercises are just one facet of the military cooperation between India and Mongolia. Top generals and staff from Mongolia have visited India and it’s also followed up from the visit from the Indian army top brass to Mongolia. The former Vice-Chief from the Army Staff Lt. Gen. Noble Thamburaj had visited visiting Mongolia recently. The occasion was the Mongolian soldiers day celebration. The Chief from the Army Staff of Mongolia also visited India to visit the Defense Expo exhibition at Delhi.

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